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Why Are We Called "Blackneedle"?

One might call it a myth? But it never ceases to amaze me the reliability and good old-fashioned engineering of the all-time classic 132K6; it continually performs its duties without fault, versatile and robust these classic machines have been replicated by many manufacturers but it can honestly be said that there will always be only one Blackneedle.

As part of the many tools of trade required to perform motor trimming, a Trimmer would be lost without his industrial sewing machine.
Equivalent to one's right arm one might say, the Singer 132 K6 is where we derived the nickname Blackneedle, which we have taken on as our trading name; nothing more than a tribute to a marvelous piece of machinery.
During my apprenticeship, the race was always on, that is, the race to jump on the workshop’s favorite black sewing machine. We had more than one machine, naturally, but that faithful old Blackneedle never seemed to missed a beat.
132k6 Singer image

The Past

Previously known as Five Star Motor Trimming back in the late eighties, Blackneedle became the new identity for this long-time established company in 2002. 
Five Star predominately focused on classic and vintage car restoration, Blackneedle continued this tradition, but incorporated many more aspects of service within the upholstery field. 

The Present

Blackneedle enjoys a diverse range of services, and has done so for many years, employing specialist tradespeople to accomplish the varied tasks set before us. 
Our company has grown steadily, earning a great reputation amongst car enthusiasts alike; we pride ourselves in being industry specialists with a positive attitude and an eye for detail ensuring consistent quality of work to all our clients.

Presently we not only specialise in classic car interior restorations but extend our services to Custom Car Interior Design (Modern & Classic), Vehicle Fleet Repair Management, Commercial Upholstery Shop Fit-outs, Medical Furniture Re-Upholster/Repair, Sports mats/Gym equipment pads, RV vehicles and general repairs for most upholstery related items.

The Future

Our plans for expansion over the coming years will predominately be focused on further creating a well-known brand, reputation and standard of excellence. Offering a diverse range of services for the client who seeks a specialised approach to their individual project, whether it be restoration, customisation, repair or repetitive manufacturing we strive to be the best.

 We will steadily increase our presence within the motor vehicle industry through future trade displays, strategic promotional marketing and the best way of all, through satisfied client referrals.

Blackneedle has offered the best motor trimming services in Penrith since 2002.

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