Our Process


Our Process

Here at Blackneedle our aim is to create not only the best quality work possible but we strive to be unique with all our custom creations, leave an unforgettable positive impression to all our clients and simply enjoy what we do.

So our clients can have the best experience interacting with us, we approach each job in a systematic way, designed to achieve the best possible result.
Lets look at how the PROCESS works.... First and foremost it's important for us to understand a clients requirements, wants & wishes. By asking a series of basic questions we can ascertain what is expected to be achieved.

When a clients preferences have been discussed we will arrange to get together (If not already) and go over specific details with regards to Design, Colours and Material types. 

For Example
Vehicle Interior Restoration

The Following questions can help us get the right job done:-

• What are you trying to achieve? Are you wanting to replicate an Original interior? Or would like to create something personal and unique, like a custom interior?

• What materials would you like to use? There are 4 main choices, Leather, Suede, Vinyl and Cloth. 

1. Leather is generally used for good quality restorations and high end custom retrims.

2. Suede is suitable for quality builds and also offers a comfort level similar to cloth.

3. Vinyl comes in the largest range of colours & textures, some are similar to leather, it is a good cost effective material which is easily maintained.

4. Cloth is available in a variety of patterns/colours, it is an ideal fabric for the summer months and can be used in conjunction with leather or vinyl.

• Time frame, is there a deadline to meet? A wedding, school formal, Summernat Cruise? The time given will influence what can be achieved, it is important to plan a realistic schedule.

• Have you set aside a budget for the interior? A set budget gives us a guide as to what materials we can offer and how creative we can be with our designs. 

• What is your car going to be used for? A daily driver, weekend crusier, or an elite show car? This can influence the practicality of the design/style, materials used and most importantly, the budget required to achieve the final product.

• Have you collected any pictures of interiors that are similar to what your trying to achieve. Providing a collection of pictures can give us a good idea and understanding of what is required.

Colours, Accessories & Components

We have hundreds of Samples to go through, generally starting with the main fabric to use on the seating areas, we will then progress to flooring/carpeting and finish up with the head-lining materials, while keeping special consideration to colour matching and contrasting amongst these main areas.

From this point we need to look at other aspects of the interior which may have been overlooked! This is where we provide a complete service and give a client a true and accurate quote for completing their interior thoroughly.

The following items may not be applicable to all car interior restorations, however these are additional services we provide when completing full interior fit-outs...
  • Seat frame restoration:- *Sandblasting *Powdercoating *Spring replacement *Foam Replacement
  • Dynamat Series:- Products that absorb heat and road noise
  • Audio/Visual:- Stereo systems, Monitors, Reverse cameras
  • Seat Belts:- Replacement or restoration of seat belts
  • Engineers Certificate:-Aftermarket seat installation compliance.


Upon finalising our clients requirements we will then complete a fully itemised quote, breaking up all components with individual pricing, this gives a good understanding and a clear picture as to what our client will receive and exactly where their money will be going.
It is important to understand that these quotes are an approximate only and may differ slightly from the final Invoice, however in saying this, the marjority of jobs quoted generally stay within budget. Should anything arise effecting the original figure quoted by more than 10% we will advise and discuss further.

Upon accepting a quote, you can then proceed and book in your vehicle, it is important to understand that our workshop generally is booked well in advance with the larger re-trimming projects and it is advisable to get in touch as soon as possible to reserve your spot. At this point we will ask for a deposit which will allow us to pre-order your materials in preparation for commencing your project.

Small repairs and day to day general trim work can usually be completed within a 1- 3 week period (Long waiting periods do not apply in these cases).

We have a unique process that delivers the best results.

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